Thursday, October 21, 2010

Merck's Former Lead Vaccine Scientist to Advise Ancora Pharmaceuticals

Although Merck's Vaccines unit has had a bit of spotty luck recently, I still think this represents a drain of future intellectual capital, at MRL. In any event, here is a bit of the CentreDaily blurb:

. . . .Dr. [Florian] Schödel joined Merck in 1996 and most recently held the position of vice president of Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Clinical Research where he led clinical vaccine development for both new and legacy vaccine products. During his tenure at Merck, Dr. Schödel spearheaded and oversaw the clinical development of many of the company’s commercial vaccines, including RotaTeq®, Zostavax® and ProQuad®. . . .

Carbohydrate-based therapeutics represent an untapped opportunity within the pharmaceutical industry, which has been constrained by material access. Ancora’s synthetic carbohydrate discovery platform [may] enable the expansion of a unique chemical domain in therapeutic development. The initial focus is on vaccines against some of today’s worst infectious diseases including Staphylococcus aureus and malaria.

Dr. Schödel joins [another] former Merck executive Barry Buckland, Ph.D, at Ancora. While at Merck, both Dr. Buckland and Dr. Schödel played key roles in the development and implementation of several leading vaccines. . . .

And so, the brain drain continues. . . this time to a formerly MIT incubated, privately-held vaccines developer.

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