Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The First Few Of The Femur Fracture Fosamax® Lawsuits Start To Appear

This is not surprising, given that we've been following this emerging story for over a year, now. However, the severity of the ongoing injuries sustained -- if a causual link between long-term Fosmax® use, and these low energy, or "spontaneous" spiral fracturs of the thigh bone is established -- will be every bit as (if not more) debilating as the ONJ injury profiles now being seen, in the current set of "bellwether" trials.

In my estimation, full hip replacements, it will turn out, will not be an uncommon outcome. And in many cases, otherwise relatively healthy seniors may never really be able to walk again -- may be largely relegated to a wheelchair, for locomotion. This looks to be as big as the jaw cases. From an early one of these complaints-at-law, filed in New Jersey, but ultimately likely to be transferred to the federal District Courthouse in Manhattan (the full 11 page PDF file) -- click to enlarge, below:

We will -- as ever -- keep you informed.

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