Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bust-Up Chronicles | Plant For Sale | Location: Bray, Wicklow County, Ireland | Asking: €7.5 million

At the end of March of 2009, Old Schering-Plough announced that it was closing this facility, not far from Dublin, Ireland -- and laying off 240 Irish workers in the process. Tonight, the Schering-Plough bust-up continues -- asking price, about $9.75 million, at today's spot rate.

Overnight, reported the facility itself is now for sale -- by New Merck, using Jones Lang LaSalle's listing services, thus:

. . . .An extensive pharmaceutical plant on 13.79 acres at Bray, County Wicklow, is to be offered for sale at €7.5 million through agent Jones Lang LaSalle.

The plant has been owned by a number of pharmaceutical companies over the past 30 years and is currently being run down* (sic -- as in the original -- I promise!) by Schering-Plough -– the same firm which announced last week that it is to cut 160 jobs at its operation in Brinny, County Cork.

The manufacturing facility extends to 15,514 square meters (167,000 square feet) and, according to the company, may be of interest to pharmaceutical and research and development firms after getting the renewed approval of the US-based Federal Drugs Administration. . . .

Truly sad -- on top of the Brinny, Ireland news, of last week.


* Must be an Irish idiom for our "winding down".

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