Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is This Vendor Still A Contractor For Intervet, In Millsboro, Delaware?


I'll let the local ABC affiliate -- WMDT Channel 47 -- set up the background on the below PETA YouTube (to see the actual newscast as broadcast, click this link, then once you arrive at the page, click the second video panel on the near-right margin -- currently just below the WMDT weather forecast video):
. . . .WMDT 47 NEWS - The video is hard to watch. The footage shows employees violently slamming cats into cages and dogs being hosed with harsh chemicals like bleach.

PETA captured the video of alleged animal abuse in a North Carolina facility, Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc. The company is hired by pharmaceutical firms to test animal care products. Intervet is one of those companies and it is based in Millsboro, Delaware.

The president of the North Carolina facility has confirmed that the video was taken at the company. She said officials are reviewing the footage and that the company will fire anyone if they have done anything contrary to proper protocol.

The District Attorney in North Carolina said his office is reviewing the footage and will investigate further to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

WMDT contacted Intervet who told us they could not comment. They directed us to their parent company, Merck, who told us they knew nothing about the video. We sent them the footage and they said they are reviewing it now. . . .

Below is the full YouTube video -- which was edited to fit the time constraints, and news format, of the WMDT 47 ABC affiliate -- again I WARN you -- it is deeply disturbing:

As we read, Merck has yet to make an official comment on whether this conrtactor will remain a vendor to (legacy Schering-Plough's) Intervet Animal Health unit in Millsboro, Delaware. The immediately above video was provided by PETA -- people for the ethical treatment of animals.

Of course, we'll keep you posted.

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