Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks' Monday NYSE Impact: Not Really Off-Topic

The coordinated release, tonight, by three of the world's leading news outlets, of the "WikiLeaks War Diaries" is an event that undoubtedly dwarfs the 1971 release of the so-called "Pentagon Papers" by Daniel Ellsberg during the latter stages of the Vietnam War, and by several orders of magnitude.

There is simply no plausible way to paint this as good for the oil industry, or defense contractors, or for any business with military connections and contracts.

And so, my question: how deeply into negative territory will the NYSE open, tomorrow?

Feel free to take a guess. Bonus pool: How far down will Merck slide, by mid-morning tomorrow?

I really don't know -- I just have a strong hunch, here, that this highly-damning 92,000 page cache shakes the scant remaining faith of the undereducated masses -- in the military-industrial complex, and its pervasive influence in world commerce.

Although the documents point most squarely at deception by the former Administration [Mr. Cheney's, in particular], they may well lead to a quicker exit from Afghanistan -- as Mr. Obama may now become convinced that if many of the Pakistani secret forces are actually aiding the Taliban, then the Afghan conflict is an unwinnable quagmire.

If nothing else, that is one central lesson contained inside the 92,000 pages -- that we are as much fighting what purport to be our Pakistani allies -- as we are fighting the Taliban, in Afghanistan.


Daniel J. Lavigne said...

I applaud "Condor's" statement on the situation and continue to praise Bradley Manning for the courage, values and insights he brought to his actions in helping the world free itself from control by Corporations and the political wolves who care not for anything other than the size of their personal fortunes and power with which to maintain them.

Mr. Manning's actions will lead all to understand that oil, and fear of a lack of it in the near future, is what drives America's murderous passion for "MORE!".

Yes, the NYSE may well collapse to some very low numbers. Such does NOT matter. Not when we are but a few short decades away from both lack of oil and having to suffer due to "Runaway Climate Heating".

I ask all to do your best to ensure that such as Mr. Manning are freed, recognized and hailed as the heroes they are in a world gone mad. Also, go to in order to learn about, and perhaps add to the argument that suggests that we have no choice but to now confront our collective duty to change our way of living and learn how to do with much less than we are used to. Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder
International Humanity House (IHH)

Condor said...

Thanks for your comments, Daniel.

From my perspective, Bradley Manning swore an oath to serve and protect our country. It is unclear -- without all the evidence -- in my opinion, whether he actually did that.

So, it is now up to a judge, sitting in a court-martial, to decide if his actions (whatever they actually turn out to entail) "served and protected" the United States.

By his own admission, he plainly violated a host of regulations -- but the question will be whether the larger purpose he sought did -- in fact -- serve and protect.

Namaste, and do stop back.