Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What (Else) To Watch For, Come Friday Morning

As I said I would over the weekend, here are a few sign-posts -- to watch for -- on Merck's Q2 2010 results webcast early Friday morning (I just wrote this for another purpose, but I'll reprint it here, now):

. . . .I now think Merck will post essentially in-line results, at the EPS line, but slightly below consensus (as did J&J, a week ago) at the sales line, globally.

I think currencies (when translated back to US Dollars) will continue to be an issue -- I think EU zone (Greece, particularly) sales will show the effects of austerity measures, and price cutting.

Even so, I expect Whitehouse Station to say that its most-recent round of 17,500 firings in Q2 have (mostly) covered these gaps.

What I am really waiting on are status reports/updates on:

(i) The Remicade®/Simponi® J&J/Centocor arbitration or settlement talks

(ii) Any additions to reserves for Fosamax® liability, globally (post the $8 million federal jury verdict in Manhattan)

(iii) Any additions/new reserves for the Vytorin®/Zetia® ENHANCE-related federal and state litigation outcomes

(iv) Status of the Vioxx® opt-outs (people who've chosen not to take the global settlement)

(v) An update on the timing for an ECC/FTC transaction filing on the "New" Merial JV contribution of legacy Schering-Plough's Organon Animal Health assets, and. . .

(vi) Any update on the criminal investigations underway at the DoJ.

That's most of what I'll be looking for. . . .

Stay tuned for analyst commentary.


Anonymous said...

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condor said...

A rough Google translation of the above yields:

"If the [Merial JV] merger occurs, how [will it affect -- kira2] the fate of local distributors in Asian countries, such as in Indonesia, some products are distributed by PT.Romindo Primavetcom merial, whether distribution rights will be retained by the PT.Romindo Primavetcom or diverted to other distributors, this preformance as the holder of SHS Intervet product distribution rights?"


Answer: I have no idea -- but perhaps our readers might -- I will preserve anonymity, of course.