Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Additional Analysis Of The "New" Merial-Intervet Joint Venture Executive Leadership

A courageous commenter has provided us with additional color on the Raul Kohan as Merial-Intervet CEO announcement -- of yesterday, thus:

. . . .This is bad. If you work for Merial, a well run company, this is not good news. If you worked for the old Intervet, it also was well run, this is good news bad news. Good in that the saga of who do I work for is nearing an end. Bad in that they have now seen Raul's management. If you worked for legacy Schering this is of course bad news as you were hoping for new and better management. Raul is of course a chip off the Hassan block. If you work for Merck, you might be glad to be rid of another ex Schering executive team member.

July 28, 2010 7:54 AM. . . .

I trust this is a shared perception among the old Organon/Intervet crowd. Any additional readers willing to weigh in? I will protect your anonymity.


Anonymous said...

You trust wrong. This sounds like bitterness with no real reason. I don't know the Merial situation, but the inference that Intervet was a utopia before the Organon and Schering-Plough merger is absolutely wrong on every level. That company was a basket case in every sense.

There may be faults with Mr. Kohan, but you could say that about any top level leader. He gets results and that's why he got the job.

Condor said...

Actually -- to be clear -- I was simply balancing the press-corps spin -- and reporting on an actual "in the field" assessment.

In any event, it is puzzling that you would say in one breath that you "don't know Merial's situation", but in the next one, you tell the commenter s/he is "wrong on every level".

Res ispa, baby.


Anonymous said...

Roul will bring his old team of Lations & would try his best to side line Merial people. Already few talented people from old Intervet has left & has joined Ceva Sante. Old Merial & legacy Intervet people would like to left & would be replaced by Schering-Plough animal health which was a very very small compamy compared to Merial & Intervet.