Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Merck's "Bait And Switch", Alleged -- USW Local 10-86's Signing Bonuses: Still MIA

Here's at least one union member's sentiment:

. . . .Our union should be demanding the signing bonus and not forced into signing the contract to get it.

F*** the signing bonus.

Don't sign the contract until all the gray areas and issues are settled.

We have another three years of hell.

Don't make it worse. Get things right before you sign the contract. . . .

This looks -- here now, more than ten weeks after an agreement was reached, with Merck management -- like some potentially-brewing labor unrest -- in Merck's West Point facility. Should it fester, Merck management will have only itself to blame. [This is a follow-up on this post.]

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Anonymous said...

awww, poor baby. making 100G a year isn't good enuf for you.... respect the compnay and they will respect you. I've been in a union for 23+ years. it's all about repect.