Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hep C Plaudits -- For Vertex's Teleprevir -- Via SeekingAlpha

I've been meaning to post up, on this snippet from Jason Chew (over at SeekingAlpha) for a few days, now -- so, here it is -- do go read it all:

. . . .a new generation of so-called “direct acting” antivirals is expected to change the way HCV is treated, lead by the protease inhibitor teleprevir from Vertex. In a Phase III trial, it was shown that a short 12-week treatment of teleprevir on top of Peg-interferon plus ribavirin resulted in a cure rate of 75% compared to just 44% with Peg-interferon plus ribavirin alone for 48 weeks. In the most likely scenario, teleprevir will reach the market toward the end of 2011. . . .

That's the lead dog, without a doubt. However, New Merck's boceprevir also gets a mention -- in passing -- as a candidate that may very well follow behind, post Teleprevir's FDA approval.

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