Tuesday, April 27, 2010

West Point Facility: A "May-Day" Union Strike, Against New Merck?

This just in, from an anonymous New Merck employee, in response to the facilities closings post, the one I posted immediately prior to this -- see bolded portion. It does look to be authentic, to me:

. . . .Was told by our management today about the closings. The people let go from this are on top of and not a part of the ongoing consolidations of departments!

My department was told that the consolation announcements on who are being kept and who is being let go will be made in May. No indication of how many or what criteria they are using to determine who goes and who stays. As an employee of this company it almost feels as if management is purposely keeping people in suspense and turmoil on possible job losses and layoffs. Employee morale is so poor people just want them to get this over with and stop the constant reminder of that any day could be their last day of employment.

Most people will move to Union NJ and some to go to Rahway, and a select few to go to West Point PA how many and who have not been stated.

Merck bought SG for items in its current pipeline, current management of this company doesn’t’ care about SGP’s long term research, they wanted a quick fix for the lagging pipeline from peter Kim’s lack of success running MRL

Also rumor central has it that the West Pont Union committee has voted in favor for a strike. West Point union’s contract is up on May first with a possible one week extension. But negotiations are not going well and the two sides are still far apart on wages and headcount issues.

-- Anonymous April 27, 2010 @ 5:46 PM. . . .

Thanks for the update -- very sad -- to see good researchers pushed off the bench. . . we will keep you in our meditations, daily.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this will be even worth the effort. Back in the 80s, the laboratory people went out on strike (though they weren't unionized). It had no effect. Even though the lab people had the support of the union people.

Add to that, much of S/P really wasn't unionized-pretty much just the maintenance people.

With all the layoffs around the industry, I would bet 'others' would come running for the chance at a job.

Very sad.

condor said...

I hear ya'.

Very sad.