Friday, February 12, 2010

Motley Fool -- On Merck's 2009 Earnings Call -- Next Tuesday Morning

What will next Tuesday bring? We don't know -- but we do know that New Merck will not provide 2010 guidance until Q2 2010, according to CEO Clark's earlier statements.

Here is the Motley Fool's take:

. . . .Let's start with Merck. The pharmaceuticals giant has spent the past few years battling Vioxx lawsuits. Unfortunately, Merck has also been slugging it out on the bottom line. If Merck falls short of matching the $0.87-a-share profit it posted during the previous year's fourth quarter, it will have posted year-over-year net income declines in three of last four quarters. A fat 4.1% dividend can only take you so far if your fundamentals are shrinking. . . .

As ever, I'll live-blog the year-end earnings call, on next Tuesday morning, starting at 7:25 am EST, right here -- so do tune in.


Anonymous said...

So, Merck is giving up on the antifungal:

I wonder if (when) it will give up on that French seawater?!

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, Dick is creating new jobs. Go to the Merck website and under the Merck career ops you can find 2 interesting positions in West Trenton.

1 is for a pilot and 1 for a helicopter pilot.

Glad to see their offsetting those other 15,998 lost positions.

condor said...

Good ones!

Fodder for new posts, above!

Thanks -- will get to the sea water one soon.