Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So What's New? After Scott Brown -- Nude Model -- Now, Senator From MA

The positively-breathless predictions of the death of any US health care reform bill -- based on this one Massachusetts-specific event -- are simply overheated. Just as his Cosmo erh, spread was.

Matt Herper, a few minutes ago, writing for Forbes, offers some sensible thoughts (quoting others) -- do go read it all:

. . . .ObamaCare's fate isn't quite sealed yet. But Richard Evans, 47, a former Roche executive and Sanford C. Bernstein analyst who now runs Sector & Sovereign, a New York health care analysis boutique that tries to wring financial bets out of political headwinds, is bullish on health insurance stocks, like UnitedHealth, Aetna and WellCare. But he's steering clear of drug makers like Pfizer and Merck. (He recommends sub-sectors, not individual companies). . . .

The insurers are going to be boosted, he predicts, because of a longer flu season and because consumers are rushing to spend on health care in the fear that they might lose their jobs. Meanwhile, investors are underestimating the havoc that patent expirations are going to wreak on drug company margins. . . .

Do go read it all, to find out why. Boy -- these Republicans are a classy lot.


Anonymous said...

Come on Condor;

"Classy lot"

Barney Frank..."Oh I didn't realize that my male hooker was growing pot in his backyard"...

Ted Kennedy--enough said

Bubba Clinton

Ben Nelson
Mary Lousiana purchase

Brown's 20 yr old pose' fits in so much better than any of the Dems. Hate to see a nude pose of Robert Byrd or Arlen Spector. It's amazing that a semi-nude picture of Brown is easier on the eye than any current Dem Senator would be fully dressed....

Former SPer' & great fan of your site....:)

condor said...

Understood -- a lil' too snarky, this morning.

Surely, plenty o' shame to go 'round (under BOTH tents) -- but what is it with the (back then, much-younger) Republicans posing, fully nude?

No doubt, you've seen The Gove-in-nator, Arnold -- from the '70s skin-mags, when he was Mr. Universe, right?

All Democrats can claim is a trim Obama, in surfer shorts, shirtless. . .

I feel a study comin' on.

Namaste -- And, Welcome -- Do stop back!

Condor said...

I think, on reflection, what bothers me about this Brown story is the astonishng level of sophistry of it all -- the sanctimonious self-righteousness so often exuded by Republican-leaning advocates: they claim to be so much holier than thou, and they almost always clamour to the high-ground of moral (mostly Christian) "family values".

Except -- of course -- when they can win by embracing a candidate who does just the opposite. [Think Mayor Guliani here.]

Honestly, I don't care whether Brown, or Anrold, posed nude. I do care about either of them wagging a lank finger of indignation, in the face of other peoples' lives (ones they deem their lessers) -- and clucking over those would-be lessers' choices.

In fairness, it is much the same thing that bothered me way back when, about then-Sen. Gary Hart (D., CO) -- his "daring" the media to catch him in an affair -- so they obliged. How stupidly corrupt is that?

Okay -- I'll shut up about it, now.


Anonymous said...

your column makes me laugh ... I grew up democrat, changed to republican and now am a total independent. I had a wonderfully naive philosophy about how we all need to take care of one another (my democratic stage), then went the opposite when I was so tired of seeing lazy people take advantage of the system (not everyone of course) ... now I realize there are awful lawmakers on both sides of the game and we must look to see what they actually do ... best to look at each person individually. But my oh my ... he is handsome! Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

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