Monday, January 18, 2010

"Price Waterhouse Predicts" -- On Health Care 2010

This is from the American Medical Association's online magazine (do go read it all) -- PWC has focused on the notion that pharma companies will have to become "full partners" in the delivery of US healthcare, post the reform package -- in order to stay competitive. To that end, PWC's experts highlight a 2009 deal between CIGNA and Merck, thus:

. . . .Also among the predictions: Big pharmaceutical companies will grow to become full partners in health care delivery teams. Because heavily marketed drugs aren't the cash cow they once were for the big pharmaceutical companies, many were forced to diversify through mergers and acquisitions, a prediction PricewaterhouseCoopers made last year that came to fruition. These mergers have led to the companies taking on a larger interest in care outcomes.

One example of this evolving role is a recently announced partnership between health insurer Cigna and the pharmaceutical company Merck. When diabetic patients taking two of Merck's top anti-diabetic drugs improve A1C levels, they earn a rebate from Cigna for their medications for the next year. . . .

Interesting. Not enough, by itself -- but an interesting, and encouraging, trend.


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