Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More "Pay to Delay"? Or, Mylan's Would-Be Version of Vytorin® -- To Be Considered

This time, it's Mylan Labs -- trying to bring a generic version of Vytorin® to market. Once again, New Merck has brought suit to halt that possibility -- for at least 30 months. Do go read it all, but the AP's Linda Johnson has the story, here.

Note that Glenmark is already pretty close to bringing a generic version of Zetia® (Vytorin's sister drug) to market, or at least, close to finishing its patent litigation with New Merck,the topic. [The automatic patent litigation 30 month stay on Zetia expired in October 2009.] In any event, here is a excerpt of the Mylan story:

. . . .Mylan Inc. said Tuesday it being sued by Schering Corp. and MSP Singapore over plans to make a generic version of the cholesterol drug Vytorin.

Mylan asked for Food and Drug Administration approval for a range of doses of Ezetimibe and Simvastatin tablets, or Vytorin. . . .


Anonymous said...

USA today has a nice little comment on Vytorin and ghostwriting.



Condor said...

Good find, Salmon -- will likely post more broadly on it -- and NIH -- tomorrow.