Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sanofi CEO: No Decision on Intervet Call Option Until Q1 2010

Quoth The Financial Times, in an extraordinarily-candid, wide-ranging interview -- with the CEO of Sanofi-Aventis -- thus:

. . . .He said a decision would be made during the first quarter of next year on whether to make fresh investments to combine Meriel – the animal health joint venture it runs with Merck of the US – with the extra products Merck has acquired in its recent take-over of Schering-Plough. . . .

So by then, it will have been going on for three solid years [since early 2007, when rumors first surfaced of an Intervet sell-off to old (legacy) Schering-Plough], that the legacy Organon-Intervet workforce will have been "living in limbo" -- not knowing who will own it, who they'll work for, or whether they will have ongoing, long-term work prospects, at all.


Anonymous said...

That is correct sir. A long three years. But we'll get by.

Condor said...

I trust you will -- I am simply saddened that you've had to.

So very much of this was avoidable.


Anonymous said...

My life feels pretty out of control with all of these mergers, but I thank you for your informative blog. I come here everyday for news of the fate of my company.