Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Arbiter 6 -- Early Returns From The US Prescription Data Aggregators

Courtesy Marilyn Mann, from a CNN article, of yesterday afternoon:

. . . .Niaspan prescriptions among new patients who hadn't taken any cholesterol drug in the previous 12 months rose 33.8% from the previous week, while prescriptions on that basis for Zetia dropped 24% and were down 16.8% for Vytorin. New Niaspan prescriptions among people who had taken a different cholesterol drug in the previous 12 months rose 45.6% from the week before, while Zetia declined 27.4% and Vytorin dropped 23.7% on similar bases.

Merck spokesman Ron Rogers said the company isn't familiar with the SDI data, and that it would be "premature" to gauge the impact of the Arbiter 6 study on market trends. . . .


Anonymous said...

any way to include total niacin numbers since niaspan is a script, but alot of niacin OTC could be prescribed as well and could be hiden in that analysis.

Condor said...

Actually, Anon., I am sure that the drug-sales monitoring firms have this data, in the U.S., at least -- but as ever, it comes at a price.

I don't pay for these services, so I can't easily source the figures, but you can be certain that Merck and Abbott (and AZ and Pfizer) are watching these weekly splits -- including U.S. niacin sales (as a part of a cholesterol management regimen), like a murder of crows.

Thanks -- and do stop back!