Saturday, October 17, 2009

Young Girls and ALS -- A Gardasil® Connection? WebMD Wonders

Per -- go read it all -- but it seems researchers have alerted the US CDC, and are reviewing the FDA Serious Adverse Events databases, after two striking cases of very early-onset female ALS, shortly after vaccinations with Merck's Gardasil®:

. . . .The first sign that something was wrong was when 14-year-old Jenny tripped on a hurdle that others in her class cleared easily, according to the web site. That was just months after her third and final booster Gardasil shot, Lomen-Hoerth says.

The disease rapidly progressed; both her legs, and then her arms became weak, Lomen-Hoerth continues. Jenny began to limp and had trouble gripping objects. She felt pins and needles in her feet, and her muscles atrophied, she tells WebMD.

Within a year, Jenny was paralyzed, a quadriplegic breathing only with the help of life support. She died shortly afterward, Lomen-Hoerth says.

Throughout the course of her illness, Jenny’s mind was as sharp as ever, she adds.

The other patient, a 20-year-old, developed similar symptoms within four months of her first Gardasil shot, Lomen-Hoerth says. The disease followed a similar course, and the girl died 28 months later. . . .

In addition to the temporal proximity of the Gardasil dosing, with the on-set of ALS, several other factors made the researchers suspect a link to Gardasil vaccination -- as in both young women, the disease progressed more quickly than typical for young ALS patients, and presented an unusual and therefor suspicious pathology, upon autopsy.

As ever, stay tuned.

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