Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Great BIG Thanks, Here -- Goes To An Anonymous Commenter

Apparently (per one of my anonymous commenters, below), an SP Alumni web-site not directly-affiliated with Schering-Plough, proper, has been launched -- and it proclaims that a series of self-organized parties are underway, this afternoon at or near Schering-Plough facilities, around the country -- for SP people, by SP people, to celebrate. . . SP people (with lots of great photos, too!):

. . . .This is a network of Schering Plough Alumni designed to keep over 60,000 Alumni and Colleagues in touch with one another. . . .

Kickin' logo, to boot (as slightly re-imagined, above from the below)!

Namasté, one and all! I salute you -- from afar.

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