Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will ECC Provide Some Smallish "Early Clearance", Later Today?


UPDATED @ 09.16.09 7 AM EDT:
No clearance, yet


We should know later today whether the sale of Merial/Merck to Sanofi-Aventis has cleared the ECC without objection, or whether additional proceedings are warranted. In any event, this is only the easiest part of the transaction -- the notice will not cover the Call Option in favor of Merial, on the Intervet businesses. It will also not cover the outright bust-up merger of Schering-Plough, into Merck. If the ECC clears, it will look like this:
. . . .REGULATION (EC) No 139/2004


Article 6(1)(b) NON-OPPOSITION

Date: 15/09/2009. . .

I'll report on it, later today.


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