Thursday, September 24, 2009

While "Skeptical" That Cap Is Needed -- CEO Clark To Disclose Merck Doc Payments. . . .

Andrew Jack, in London, for the Financial Times reports overnight, thus (do go read it all):

. . . .Merck is set to become the largest drugs company to start publishing details of its payments to doctors in the latest response to growing criticism of excessive industry influence over drug prescribing.

Richard Clark, chairman and chief executive of the second-largest US drugs group by sales, told the Financial Times that “the system needs to be totally transparent.” He also questioned whether there was a need for an annual ceiling on payments. . . .

He may question it, but Congress may end up legislating it -- if industry doesn't self-regulate, through a PhRMA guideline cap. Are you listening, Billy Tauzin (pictured, at right)?

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Anonymous said...

A voluntary cap. So What! Even required limits will be broken. You can be certain of that.

The Carlat blog has posted documents showing SP is offering up to $179 K/ year for physicians to talk about asenapine.