Friday, September 11, 2009

Very Little Is Certain About The Fosamax® "Runaway Jury"*. . . .

Very little may reliably be gleaned from the notes scribbled by the jurors -- during this last week of tumultuous deliberations, in the first Fosamax® trial, in Manhattan.

For example, I have seen several reports, of remarks allegedly made by Merck's lawyers -- to the effect that seven of eight were convinced that Fosamax® did not cause Ms. Boles' jaw death -- per the AP:

. . . .After the mistrial was declared, Paul Strain, the attorney representing Merck, said seven of the jurors had signed a note Wednesday indicating they agreed there was no proof Fosamax caused Boles' injury.

"This demonstrates what we've been saying all along, that is that Fosamax is a good medicine," Strain said. . . .

That statement is accurate, insofar as it goes. However, what these reports do not make plain is that the same juror note contained this:

And so -- at least one alternative "rest of the story".

Soon. . . . now.


* Reference: The 2003 Gene Hackman/John Cusack/Dustin Hoffman movie:

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