Friday, September 25, 2009

UPDATED "In-Substance" Patent Cliffs Facing Schering-Plough

In one now UPDATED and handy table, as I'd earlier detailed, below are some of the larger Schering-Plough franchises with looming near-term "in substance" patent cliffs:

Branded NameSales ($M/Yr)Compound NameFirst Suit Filed30 Month Expiry/
"At Risk" Date
Likely Competitor
Zetia®$900 MillionEzetimibeMarch 2007October 2009*Glenmark Pharma
Temodar®$950 MillionTemozolomideJuly 2007January 2010Barr Labs (Teva Pharma)
Integrilin®$300 MillionEptifibatideFebruary 2009November 2011Teva Pharma
Levitra®$430 MillionVardenafil HClJuly 2009April 2012Teva Pharma
Clarinex®$800 MillionDescloratadineSeptember 2006July 2012**Orchid Pharma
Total:$3.38 Billion........


* Trial could begin by year end 2009; though admittedly unlikely, an "at risk" launch (by Glenmark, most likely) "window" will be open -- and could occur at any time -- beginning in October 2009.

** All potential generic descloratadine manufacturers have agreed to a launch suspension until at least January 2012 (Orchid -- the one most likely to launch -- will wait, per agreement, until July 2012), though the permissive "at-risk" launch window first-opened in July of 2009.


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