Monday, August 24, 2009

Pegintron To Be Discussed At FDA's ODAC October 5, 2009 Meeting?

At least one published report of an Advisory Committee meeting to, among other matters, discuss Schering-Plough's Pegintron, for [additional] melanoma indications (and some earlier Schering-Plough hedging on that score), is out tonight:

. . . .Meeting on Glaxo Smith Kline PLC's proposed candidate Votrient, for kidney cancer. . . . and Pegintron for use in addition to surgery for melanoma at an October 5, 2009 Advisory Committee meeting. . . .

No web-agenda, or meeting materials are up, yet though. I will keep readers posted.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how this information got in the British press on Monday the 24th. I just checked and it is definitely in today's Federal Register Friday Aug 25th.

I would think that discussions between the FDA and the regulated industry might very well occur prior to a public announcement however, somebody seems to have spoken with the press (or they ran it) prematurely.

The lesson I take away from this is how much easier it is for corporations to get things into the media whereas important stories go wanting.

Thank god for bloggers.


P.S. I have on occasion thought of having a blog myself but you need a regular source of information to gain and hold regular readers. For me, I find things when I find them, so I have not felt that I have the timely material to keep a regular readership. Consequently I find it easier to comment on things as they appear and hopefully I can add perspectives from what I've gained from elsewhere on the web at various times.

I think the reason you gained my interest is because you have a specific subject matter with regular and otherwise not readily accessible material. It's related to my own interests (psychiatric drugs) and you provide perspective that I do not have the expertise to entertain.

Thank you.