Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Don't You Have to ... Put It In ...?" -- Jim Edwards is Hilarious This Morning!

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Jim Edwards, over at BNetPharma, absolutely jacks up Schering-Plough's DTC TV efforts, in vrrrry-high-fashion.

This time, he takes a look at the latest goofy Nuvaring commercial (which is arguably intentionally-distracting -- at the moments of side-effects-, and risks-disclosures), helping one and all to hear the clear echo -- from those "Nasonex Bee" TV spots -- also by Schering-Plough, natch'. Here is a wonderful quote -- but do go read it all:

. . . .It’s a matter of time before the statement "Don’t you have to. . . put it in?" becomes a SnorgTees shirt. . . .



Anonymous said...

Excellent example.

The rule in advertising is that TV is an expensive medium so if you're going to use it make sure the message is visual.

Consequently to see the true message turn off the sound and watch it.

When I did I noticed the word Nuvaring clearly above the picture and changing messages about the 3 week duration, efficacy, etc. when the women are talking.

When the voice over on AEs come you notice the swimmers have the days of the week on their swimsuits (again a plug for duration). Plus the images themselves imply the types of activities you can engage in including a hot tube (kinky?).

Finally notice at the end that the name of the ad is 'Swim along Nuvaring' acknowledging to themselves their intended message are the activities you can engage in.

I assume they emphasize these activities because this is a negative with this product, whether real or perceived.


Jim Edwards said...

Thanks for the note!

condor said...

My pleasure, Jim!