Thursday, July 23, 2009

Merck Rising on NYSE -- As Januvia Likely Won't Face US Taketa Competition, Near Term

For solid scientific reasons, FDA is giving the Taketa diabetes drug candidates program the slow-roll, per Reuters' Matthew Goldstein, a few minutes ago:

. . . .[Taketa's] Alogliptin, which belongs to a new class of diabetes drugs called DDP-4 inhibitors, has been positioned by Takeda as a successor to Actos, which will lose U.S. patent protection in 2011.

"The approval process for alogliptin by itself is separate from that of the fixed-dose combination," said Takeda spokeswoman Hisako Nagata.

"But it is difficult to think that the combination drug would receive approval prior to alogliptin by itself," she said.

There is currently only one DPP-4 diabetes drug on the U.S. market, Merck & Co's Januvia. . . .

This development is likely behind the over 3 percent increase in Merck's shares on the NYSE, this morning -- while Schering-Plough, via the coming exchange ratio, is rising about half that much, on the NYSE, this morning.


Condor said...

Additional amplification:

If Q1 and Q2 2009 are decent predictors -- Januvia will generate over $2.4 billion in sales, for Merck, worldwide, during the full year 2009.

Knowing now that this $2.4 billion (and growing) revenue stream will effectively remain a monopoly, beyond 2011, is enough to move the needle, at Merck.


Yeast said...

This is great. I just found your blog! That someone tackles these Schering guys is really great.