Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Saving $2 Trillion -- Over the Next Decade -- On US Health-Care"

Our 44th President used this morning's national radio address (now more often heard, and seen, in its YouTube format) to address his health-care reform initiatives -- saying "it is time to deliver" on the promise to fix "what ails our broken health-care system" -- watch it now, in HD, here, or click the link, up above -- for a less-bandwidth-intensive flash version.

No doubt. . . . there will be lively debate, here, and that's a debate I welcome. . . . but some of these costs are the result of unwarranted profiteering -- and that has no place in our health-care system. . . .

Truer words were never spoken. And, yes, this belongs right here, now. The excesses that led to the fall (and, now the coming disappearance -- into Merck) of Schering-Plough, the already completed disappearance of Genentech (into Roche), and the pending disappearance of Wyeth (into Pfizer) are all -- in no small part -- object-lessons around the aching need for real United States health-care delivery reform.

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