Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More "Interesting" Vytorin/ENHANCE Allegations -- Over on CafePharma, This Past Week. . . .

More new potential litigation fodder, on CafePharma, related to Carrie Cox, Vytorin and ENHANCE results delays, being discussed there, and elsewhere -- including over at Derek Lowe's Corante, lately -- to wit:

In some ways this seems to eerily echo the suspected "ruse" we sniffed out two weeks ago, over at CafePharma (but concerning TRA, that time).

At another level, though -- if there were time-frames associated with the comments, they would not be wildly-different than those found attached to the In re Schering-Plough ENHANCE Securities Litigation (MDL 1937 Original Case No. 08-397). Click the image below, to enlarge it:

"Carrie" is obviously Ms. Smith-Cox; "Enrico" is -- of course -- Dr. "Tell him to F* off" Veltri. And, all of that was allegedly prior to these ENHANCE would-be shenanigans:

In any event, I guess the most-recent CafePharma postings differ (from the earlier ones) in at least one other material way -- they are post hoc, and the statements in the ENHANCE putative class action were made in some cases prior to, and in others, essentially contemporaneously, in public, at CafePharma, during Ms. Cox's various sales of securities. And those statements preceded Schering-Plough's "official publication" of the ENHANCE results -- by at least seven months.

Today, 08:45 AM

Re: About These Meeting Recollections, Now Two People Have. . . .

. . . .This was in reply to a post: ". . . .I sat in a meeting listening to Enrico tell Carrie about the challenges for Vytorin. She is guilty. . . ."

Wait -- of what relevance is this, really? It offers us no time frame. . . .

If this was Spring/Summer of 2007, that would make these meeting recollections very interesting. If it was Spring of 2008 -- Not. So. Much.

What would make these statements at least arguably relevant -- and possibly admissible as evidence (a la CWs 1 through 6 in the federal ENHANCE/Vytorin putative class action suits) -- would be if these two could say -- within a few weeks, on either side -- WHEN the meeting(s) in question, with Veltri and Cox in attendance, took place. . . .


Anonymous said...

did you see this:

Up front payments to the banks financing the merger.

Condor said...

Oh -- this stuff just writes itself.

Thank you! -- but no, I didn't see it!


"Fish. Barrel. Shoot. Repeat."

I've churned a whole post out of things that the squib set me to thinking about -- comparing CEO Hassan's pay, alone -- then comparing Pfizer/Wyeth deal advisory fees to these -- truly grotesque excesses, all the way around.

And 16,000 wait to hear whether they have jobs -- as the "fairness" opinions actually cost entirely unfair fortunes, here -- and in Pfizer's deal, especially.

Again, thank you so much!