Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"What Bee? I Didn't See Any Bee. . . ." -- Nasonex DTC Hit

Click it to enlarge. Story here.

This commercial ran repeatedly -- in a loop -- before the Annual Stockholders' Meeeting in Chicago, last week. That, along with the one of mini-skirted women in stilettos -- mowing the lawn -- for the new Dr. Scholl's, for her -- really showed some class. Nice. Here is the FDA's guidance document -- as a PDF file.


Anonymous said...

More coverage:

Condor said...

The meme continues to build -- Jim Edwards, above -- and now, Sarah Rubenstein, writing for the WSJ's Health Blog. Cool.

Thanks, one and all, for the traffic today. . . . the face of the bee image, cleaned up, will be available shortly -- as a public domain file -- in a comment, below, as a link. . . .


Condor said...

Okay -- cleaned-up, now. With college football style "eye-black" imagery, to boot!

Feel free to download, use, re-use and republish this, as you see fit -- it is a protected parody image, relating to of a matter of the gravest public concern -- the appreciation and understanding of known side-effects, and risks, for FDA-regulated chemical compounds, used in human health-care -- ingested en vivo.