Thursday, March 12, 2009

You'll Have to Ask "The Insider" -- at PharmaGossip. . . .

What on Earth are Fred Hassan, Paris Hilton, Laura Bush and Sarah Palin et al., doing "River-Dancing" together? You'll have to ask PharmaGossip.

Were there a pot of gold in front of Fast Freddie, I would completely understand the video, here, very near St. Paddy's -- but there isn't. So -- I'll be content to laugh at the sheer pointlessness of it all:

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Yikes. Why is the last person included? I dunno UPDATED: Jack explains it all -- in the comments, on his site.


Anonymous said...

I really do need to get around to writing up a timeline of events with Fred's stock purchases. Plus I hadn't realized the timing of this one.


Anonymous said...

Did you see who else benefits:

Report says investment banks could make $146M on Merck deal to buy Schering-Plough.....

This is over on

Anonymous said...

you're still writing this blog??? you were wrong on all accounts concerning SP, give it up already - you've lost both your money and your credibility, i pity you!

Condor said...

To the last Anonymous Commenter:

What part of the transaction does NOT look like a bust-up/wipe-out of Schering-Plough. Do tell.

Hold your final answer until March 30, 2010.


[Confidential: Hey plm. How are 'ya, pal?]

Anonymous said...

^not as smart as you think you are, i assure you. in any case, SP will not be "busted up" as you envision. you should learn from your own mistakes, and its sad that you fail to realize that you are no better than your "boy" cramer. while he pumped this stock, you looked to sink it. and your daily negative pieces and statements regarding SP could possibly have caused many that heeded your advice to lose some money (just as you have). instead of continually bashing away at SP, maybe you should have focused all your negative energy into writing something positive, and being a little more realistic when it came to suggesting to "Sell, sell, sell" SP so you can make a couple dimes. Sad that its cost you a few dimes, but its even sadder that you may have caused others to lose some dimes that they didn't necessarily have to lose. It's just become very pathetic to me that you are still "scraping" for anything negative concerning SP. When will you start writing about 530348? Lotta positive there, but I can't seem to see any posts regarding this compound on this blog? Something smells fishy here, oh yeah, its your breath!


Condor said...

We'll see, junior.

[BTW, it is rarely the case that a small investor -- with little net worth -- makes a "short" bet.

That is a game strictly for the sophisticates. For good reason.]

As to all the rest of yours:

Y A W N. . . .