Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Artifact, or Evidence", UPDATED -- An Artifact, Perhaps.

For the first time, Dick Clark, CEO over at Merck, used the "SUBSTANTIAL" majority of Schering-Plough people "to be retained" formulation, in an SEC-filed-document, last night:

. . . .The combined company will be a much larger organization -- and a substantial majority of Schering-Plough employees will be part of the combined company. . . .

This item updates this post, from last week.

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Anonymous said...

Just to show you how fickle product development can be:

The Wall Street Journal quotes sources saying that Switzerland's Nycomed is shopping itself to potential buyers for up to $13.57 billion.


Nycomed's Daxis is a PDE4 inhibitor-the lead candidate in the race to get a drug to market. PDE4 inhibitors were once programs at Schering Plough and GSK (Ariflo). Neither company has been successful in moving their's forward.

Makes you wonder how successful S/P will be with their CXCR2 inhibitor for COPD, especially since they are moving mometasone for use in the same disease.