Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Line in Any federal Schering-Plough Fraud Brief -- Ever.

In the "I Just Couldn't Resist" Department:

While outlining the path of inference that Senator Grassley first forged, back in February of 2008 (to deduce that Schering had acheived "functional unblinding" of the ENHANCE data), the plaintiffs, again in Manson (Case 08-397), offer perhaps the most succinct piece of skepticism I have yet read on the Schering ENHANCE disclosure delay (this is from another brief filed on last Friday -- full 50 page PDF file):

. . . .Schering’s ability to disclose the purportedly unanalyzable ENHANCE results so quickly after Congress exerted pressure supports a strong inference of scienter. Defendants make no attempt to reconcile how the supposedly intractable data problems that led Schering to withhold the results for over twenty months were magically overcome after just a few weeks of Congressional scrutiny. . . .

I may just go to Newark -- for these arguments.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this:

Condor said...

I did, indeed -- thanks.

My concurring opinion/reaction -- on differing grounds -- will be up shortly.

Do look for it, above!