Friday, December 19, 2008

This is Which Way the Wind is Blowin', Now -- Yes. We. Did.

I found this graphic (I just received) exceedingly encouraging (do see the note at the end, below) -- Now, Mr. Hassan, "the times, they are a changin'. . . .":

". . . .I lost a daughter to cancer in July after a fight she couldn't win because she had no insurance. When President-elect Obama said no one in these United States should die of cancer because they didn't have insurance, I knew we had to work to get him elected. My daughter had to go to a county hospital where they died one by one in Houston, Texas, one of the cities with the best cancer hospitals. That is when I joined MoveOn and worked with them online and in my city to register and get out the message to vote. My daughter passed away wishing her death would not be in vain. Yes We Did. . . ."

— Martha T., Abilene, Texas


Anonymous said...

do you dare post this over to Yahoo? Just to see what/how Frank will respond~it could be 'entertaining.'

Condor said...

Anything that give Frank attention is probably not worth all the mindless carnage he brings to any discussion. . . .

But that's just me.

Anonymous, you should feel free to post a link over there, to see what he "sez 'bout it. yeh, fugettabutit. . . ."

Thanks! Do stop back.