Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas! -- From Hans Becherer, to ALL Schering Shareholders, Employees (and Ex-Employees)!

A new web-isode from the swell folks at CondorMedia!

It's only one minute, twenty seconds long!

Hans Becherer, pictured at right -- Compensation
Committee Chairman, of the Schering Board -- has
sent one, and all -- stockholders, employees and
yes, even all you newly-minted-ex-employees a
very, very personalized lump of coal, for
the 2008 Holiday Season! Do enjoy, everyone!

Or, the YouTube version -- if your browser doesn't like

[All elements are either fair use, or public domain content. . . . feel free to redistribute!]


Jeffrey Clark, CEO of Beaker said...

While you really are great at rubbing their noses in decisions like this, this is also pretty creative & funny as hell!

Thanks for keeping us smiling.

Condor said...

"I believe sunshine is often the best antiseptic. . . ."

-- Judge Learned Hand

Thank you, Jeffrey!

Anonymous said...

wow - you stole jib jab's christmas dance and had your mom add commentary - amateurish at best! namaste!

Condor said...

Actually, Anonymous, I paid for it -- legitimately, but yes, it is from JibJab. You see, they offer these special licenses. . . Hell, never-mind -- I am even boring myself -- the voiceover wasn't my Mom, though.

I noticed that you weren't able to come up with anything on the actual content.

Not too terribly surprising, I guess.