Friday, August 1, 2008

Meanwhile, Vertex's Hep C Drug Candidate, Telapravir, keeps rollin' toward FDA Approvability. . . .

Regular readers will remember that Vertex has taken a commanding lead in the race with Schering -- to bring the next generation of Hep C drugs to market in the United States. This news, this morning, extends that lead. A Phase IIa trial, conducted by Vertex, has shown strong interim results.

When it rains, lately, in New Jersey -- in Kenilworth -- it pours.


Marilyn Mann said...

Nice post by Roy Poses on a recent editorial in the American Journal of Cardiology:

Condor said...

Hello Marilyn:

This is plainly worthy of a new post!


Condor said...

On Friday, I wrote of Vertex's continuing lead over Schering -- in the race to launch an FDA- approved next-generation Hep C drug candidate -- and by Monday's pre-market, Scheing has an all "Me too!" presser out on the street. Heh!

Cool! And rather predictable. Note that the Schering drug is still firmly in Phase II; and there's this discontinuation data nugget, buried toward the end:

". . . .Treatment discontinuations due to adverse events were between 9 and 19 percent for patients in the boceprevir arms, compared to 8 percent for the control arm. . . ."

One-in-five is kinda' significant for discontinuations.

There may be a new post in this nugget -- I'll go check the discontinuation data for Vertex's candidate, now.