Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An aside -- from CNBC's Mike Huckman -- on Schering's Levitra. . . .

Well, we all know that Schering-Plough earns some decent revenue from Levitra -- which, in the words of the above Mr. Huckman, is "an also-ran, me-too ED drug. . . ." Truer words were never typed.

It is what follows the-above comment, though, in his post, that most interested me:

". . . .But I do know one new Levitra convert. A certain co-worker, who will remain unnamed, recently told me he spent more than 300 bucks to fill a Levitra prescription his neighbor wrote for him. Mr. Anonymous said he'd grown frustrated with his primary care physician who would only write him tiny, apparently insufficient, prescriptions for Viagra. . . ."

Wow -- that seems like a dangerous recipe -- at least if it's all for one man -- perhaps his co-worker is looking to be an "off-license distributor" of erectile dysfunction (or, "ED", for short) drugs. Heh.

Let us (fairly) assume he isn't. A dosing at that sort of size might have profound cardio-vascular implications -- even for an otherwise-very-healthy young[er] man.

Now, what if the "anonymous co-worker" is a 40-something "weekend-warrior", whose primary care physician knows about a history of heart-disease in the family, or in the co-worker, himself?

No doubt this is a dangerous thing -- even if the "neighbor-Doc" admonished him to stay at the low-end of the daily-dosing on the label. Wow. What a sad "pill-poppin' public" story that makes.

Thanks for the candor, just the same, Mr. Huckman. This sort of thing needs more sunshine, not less. Seriously. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The patient will probably claim that he's a sex addict. S/P should've restricted access to the comes the lawsuit.

Condor said...

Good points, to be sure, anonymous poster.

The oddest part of the story is that the friend paid $300 for a large bolus of Levitra -- couldn't the "neighbor Doctor" just simply given away samples, weekly, or over months, if the neighbor was behaving (at least marginally) responsibly?

The size of that scrip makes me cringe -- what ON EARTH was going on there?


Anonymous said...

I think your point of 'behaving responsibly' is the crux for both parties involved.

We could drag in the pharmacy as well. Why would they fill a Rx for that amount?

Anonymous said...

BTW: an on-line pharmacy (assuming that is where he went to fill his Rx) runs 30 pills of Levitra for ~300 bucks.

Maybe he'll get lucky every day for a month and wear himself out(?)