Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Did the Covington and Burling response (for Schering) -- in part -- precipitate the Joint House Committee Chairmens' letters, tonight?

[UPDATED -- May 23, 2008 2 PM: The Pfizer-version of the Congressmens' (below white paper) letter is now in easy-view jpg format, over at Pharma Law's blog. Nice touch, Dr. Rost!]

Take a look, and decide -- click each to enlarge below -- did these largely evasive seven pages [and I'll have much more, tomorrow, on that April 25, 2008 seven-pager on non-answer-answers!], at least in part, lead the House Committee, and Sub-Committee Chairs to fire off these DTC letters, tonight?

Significantly, this may mean that the only Vytorin Ad on TV, in the US, in the very-near future, will be mine -- the ""Truth-i-ness"-Enhanced" DTC TV Ad!? If so, way. . . WAY Cool!

Did the below. . . lead to the above? I dunno. More to come, tomorrow, on the below. There are a few important things I must have missed in the below letter, the first time I saw it. Those items merit a separate post -- for the moment, I am displaying the Schering position (such as it is) on whether the joint venture will resume the Vytorin DTC "Food and Family" TV advertising campaigns. This non-answer, coupled with Mr. Deepak Khanna's non-answers, likely led, in part, to the above letters -- one went to each Pharma CEO, tonight.

Note also that it requires an "immediate. . . written response" from Mr. Hassan, personally -- to decide what role (Dudley DooRight, or Snidely Whiplash!) he'll be cast in -- at the second round of House DTC Hearings. Wow.

Now, if you really-miss seeing Vytorin on TV, feel free to partake of this (or, just click this same icon, in the left margin):

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