Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dechert LLP is Gearing-up for Schering -- Vytorin/Zetia Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Class Action, MDL 1938

As I had earlier reported, in at least one of the putative class actions, Dechert LLP is representing Schering, Merck and the Joint Venture defendants -- last night, in a letter, it became clear[er] that the firm is gearing-up for a longer fight. . . . Take a look -- click to enlarge:

To be clear, I think the various plantiffs' lawyers on the almost-finalized litigation steering committee roster will be found more than adequately-expert to zealously prosecute, and protect the tens of thousands of individual plaintiffs' interests, here. That is, this Dechert letter (and ultimately, the to-be-filed related motion) will go um. . . nowhere.


Anonymous said...

As a shareholder and future pensioner what are my responsibilities in staying current on this information? Will my pension (estimates of future payments which continue to decrease or stay flat after many many years) be affected with these actions? How can I join?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by, Anonymous SGP shareholder and future-SGP-pension-holder.

I would encourage you to check in with the lawyers representing the plaintiffs here.

By Monday, I'll have something up (with contact details included) for the various plaintiffs' firms.

That said, you should know that you'll likely "need" to do nothing in the near-to-middle-term, here. It is likely that, at some future point, you will receive a notice of the class action -- and all related procedures -- and be able to opt in, or opt out, at that point.

If you feel your claims are NOT typical -- that is, similar to all those you'll read about (if you click around a bit on the left margin links), here -- leave me another message, here -- and I'll see what we can do.

Of course, this does NOT create an attorney-client relationship -- I don't even know your name! -- but I will try to steer you in the right direction. . . .

Welcome, and do stop back!