Friday, May 23, 2008

And -- Speaking of "Long Times" -- Improve-It 2012

I forgot to note that overnight, the outcomes study on Vytorin crossed another major milestone -- IMPROVE-It is now less-than 1,500 days away from completion.

Well, that ought to ease investors' minds, eh?

Yep -- take a look at the count-down clock in the lower-left margin -- 1,499 days, and counting. . . . counting. . . .

Then we'll know whether Vytorin improves outcomes. It will have been on the market for about eight ten years (measuring from Zetia's original US FDA approval date -- kudos, Commenter No. 1!) by the time we know whether it really works -- works to improve patients' odds of avoiding heart-attacks.


Anonymous said...

Zetia (ezetimibe) was approved in 2002, so I would start counting from then.


condor said...

Great point!

Revising now.