Saturday, November 13, 2010

CSL To Seek Australian Approval For Boys' Gardasil® Dosing

I will run down, later this weekend, whether New Merck receives any revenue sharing from Australia's CSL -- should these jabs be approved for administration to school-aged boys in that country.

In any event, here is the Australian press report, overnight:

. . . .[All Australian] secondary school boys could soon be offered a free jab to vaccinate them against a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer.

The makers of the Brisbane-developed cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil have asked the [Australian] Federal Government to extend the highly successful mass immunisation scheme to boys. . . .

The Therapeutic Goods Administration last week approved Gardasil for use on males up to the age of 26.

It is the first step towards a government-funded vaccine rollout for 12 and 13-year-old boys.

The vaccine maker, CSL [as part of a contractual relationship with Merck], has filed an application for the vaccine to be funded for adolescent boys under the National Immunisation Program as a "universal gender neutral program". . . .

We'll keep you posted.

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