Friday, November 1, 2019

UN Setback, On Ebola: Factional Violence Flares At South Sudan Border Crossings -- Three Aid Workers Dead

This is difficult -- just as the current DRC ebola outbreak is waning, we must report new gun violence deaths, at the border with South Sudan.

The violence predates any ebola outbreak in the area. It is fighting that is endemic to the region. And still, health workers get caught in the cross-fire. So the UN's IOM is pulling back. I get it. But it means more people will die from Ebola. Here's the bit:

. . . .The International Organization for Migration said several of its volunteers were caught in the crossfire during clashes between rival groups on Saturday morning in South Sudan's Central Equatoria region. Two men and one woman died, and two male volunteers sustained non-life-threatening injuries. . . .

And, sensibly, all monitoring at various border checkpoints in and out of the DRC are at least temporarily suspended, until better security may be provided to health workers, on the ground.

Very. . . discouraging. Onward, just the same.


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