Friday, January 4, 2019

[U: Tests Negative] One Man In Sweden, Traveled From Burundi -- Being Tested For Ebola...

UPDATED: The patient's blood work now is back -- and there is no sero positive result, for the ebola virus. End update.

Even so, we should expect more of this -- as the months upon months of this latest DRC outbreak (still not fully contained), wear on. Here's a bit, from CNN's newsdesk:

. . . .He visited "mostly urban areas in Burundi, where there isn't thought to be any active Ebola as far as we know," Köhler said.

But the patient displayed potential symptoms of Ebola, including vomiting blood, upon arrival at the hospital, he explained. Köhler stressed that this is still only a suspicion and that test results are expected to be released about 6 p.m. local time. . . .

Now we must realize that political instability (ignored for decades by the US) will also lead to more pandemic instability. That's the medicine -- and challenge -- of the 21st Century, in the still developing geographies around the globe. Solve poverty and endemic violence first, to have a serious shot at solving a highly-lethal, and contagious -- but now increasingly treatable -- viral scourge.


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