Monday, January 7, 2019

Tuesday Night Networks' Prime Time: Time To Turn Your Tee-Vees... Off.

. . .If the networks do grant Trump 9 PM EST all airwaves access, that is.

[With a win on Fosamax pre-emption now looking all but assured for Merck, I'll offer a little political opinion/coverage.] The Donald wants to address the nation tomorrow night -- about his temper tantrum/self-inflicted shutdown -- and the corresponding illogical, wasteful wall demand. If cable covers it (reaching only a fraction of the US households the networks reach) -- so be it -- but the three networks should not. It is simply a litany of repeated, and oncoming. . . lies.

At a minimum, if ABC, CBS and/or NBC cover him, Speaker Pelosi or (even better!) Rep. AOC ought to get an "equal time" rebuttal (yes -- let's go all the way back to the early 1960s, and Newton Minnow's ideals, then). If they don't here is (according to The New York Times) what our real, adult, non-fascist leaders are working on, this week:

. . . .Speaker Pelosi has said the House this week would start considering individual funding bills to reopen the government. One such bill would be to fund the Treasury Department so that employees for the Internal Revenue Service could return to work as tax filing season begins.

Other bills would provide funding to reopen the Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and Interior Departments. . . .

Of course, the Senate has (two weeks ago) voiced unanimous support for the Pelosi CR bill. Senate leadership (R) refuses to let it be put to a floor vote; and 45 had indicated three weeks ago he would sign it. Then he threw a tantrum. I say -- let him complain that the networks treated him badly -- don't carry this stunt. And I say -- let him try to build the wall with a Presidential slush fund without Congressional approval. Then, let's win in the courts, and impeach him for derogation of Constitutional imperatives.

Yes -- we are at the end-game for his feeble presidency, starting. . . now. And about it all, my step is appreciably. . . lighter. . . Lighter in part, because even Gov. Haslam -- in bright red Tennessee -- is granting this sexual assault victim clemency, now 15 years on, after being jailed for essentially her entire adult life, after she killed a man who bought her, for sex. That, is. . . justice. Let it continue.


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