Tuesday, December 18, 2018

[U X3] Disgraced MISTER Ex-Gen. Michael Flynn Now Being Sentenced...

UPDATED @ Noon Eastern: The able Judge Emmet Sullivan to Mr. Flynn (he called him "mister" not "General"!), just a second ago at Flynn's sentencing:

". . .You were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the [incoming] National Security Adviser to the [incoming] president of the United States!. . . . [Then, on to still other crimes:] . . . .These crimes occurred. . . in the West Wing [after the inaugural]!"

"Arguably this undermines everything this flag [pointing] over here stands for!. . . .

Arguably, you sold your country out. . . .
" That's gonna' leave a mark -- on the frothy right. Judge Sullivan told Mr. Flynn he might want to speak to his lawyer -- about postponing sentencing -- since Judge Sullivan cannot promise Flynn he won't order a term of incarceration.

And. . . now, at Flynn's request, there is a break until 12:30, to talk to his lawyers. Judge Sullivan apparently also asked, from the bench, whether SC thought Flynn could have been charged with treason, for interfering in Russian sanctions imposed by Obama administration. Ouch! And, there will be a delay. Bob Kelner will dig up some more "cooperation" from Flynn, since the clear hint from Judge Sullivan was that Flynn was going to jail today. Now the defense will try to convince the Judge with more paperwork, that Flynn merits a no jail time, due to his cooperation. [End updated portion.]

A career military man -- one who betrayed his country, for avarice -- acting as an undisclosed agent for Turkey, then apparently, Russian interests, in Trump's transition to power -- in a conspiracy Logan Act scheme. Then he lied brazenly about it all -- to the FBI. Even so, he gets substantial credit for providing early and highly useful cooperation (for justice, against Trump), so he may yet not see the inside of a federal jail cell.

A conspiracy to defraud the US, one that implicates Trump himself, directing it, from Mar-a-Lago, in late December 2016, and January 2017. [Redacted FBI 302 report here, for ease of reference.]

Apparently paying off debts (and returning "markers", or favors) Trump himself owed to Russian oligarchs, if not Putin himself.

No graphic. This is a quite sad day for our notions of fair play, and ordered liberty.

Even so, it is proof our system is resilient and will last. Trump himself will now soon follow. [Likely related: CNN is reporting that Donald J. Trump Foundation has agreed to administratively dissolve, and liquidate, in order to avoid NY state charges, pending -- resolving them by agreement, with prosecutors, it seems.]

Meanwhile, as he did a year ago -- Trump threatens to shut down the government (again echoing a year ago -- on the 21st Juno makes its 16th close dive, over Jupiter -- half done, then on its primary mission). What a feckless coward -- that 45:


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