Friday, June 16, 2017

Let's Lead On Friday At Lunch With Something That At Least Arguably "Matters" -- rather than all the rest -- that clearly doesn't...

There is at least a vaporous rumor wafting by -- of a "super secret" Senate bill -- (ooh! spooky!) on Health Care -- but I don't think it can garner 50 votes -- let alone 52 (in secrecy). And even if it miraculously somehow does -- the provisions needed to attract the last five or so votes will be the death knell of it, in the US House. So no law on this topic, until after 2018 mid-terms -- and in view of where the below is almost certainly headed (as I've repeatedly predicted, some eight months from now, under Mr. Mueller's watchful eye) -- maybe. . . never.

Now -- just a scant mention: the image at right will do my talking for me -- but 45 here refers to his own Justice Department picks -- as he assails a predicament entirely of his own making. This is either the rats saving themselves, on the foundering HMS Trump, or the captain blaming his own crew -- for things he's plainly chosen to do. Either way, he is beginning a death spiral, with Mr. Pence hiring his own personal criminal lawyer, overnight. Eeesh.

Onward. Gray Friday, indeed. . . .


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